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Strauss group

Sales promotion campaign

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How one of the largest dairy companies in Israel used gamification to increase sales by 56%

Why Strauss approach us

The Strauss Group was looking for a way to significantly improve the sales of their flagship product Milky. They thought of doing this through a significant increase in the customer's involvement with the product, which would be directly related to the increase in sales, so they turned to Joca with a request to create a gamification campaign for them.

The Solution

Joca developed, in accordance with the goals set by the group, an activity page based on the legendary game Icy Tower where the Milky product is the player. The activity included a mini-game that leads to the full game and finally a lottery where prizes were drawn for the players with the highest score. The activity very quickly caught a tremendous virality throughout the network which brought with it extraordinary results.

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The Results

Within one month of the start of the advertising campaign, the game reached more than 803,561 exposures, 403,512 of which where unique users, and it achieved a completion rate of 90.8%.

Users played the game 2.7 times on average. The average usage time in the preliminary game reached 3.6 minutes while in the full game (the one with prizes) the average time reached 12.5 minutes of engagement with the brand. This is definitely an amazing performance.

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